Jahniah Kum is a West-Indian American fine artist from New York, whose artwork is mainly inspired by the communities she belongs to. Her works intend to amplify the voices within these communities. She strives for each artwork she accomplishes to embody just that. While doing so, she often uses references from her own personal photography and family photos to capture the common thread in her work.

donSMITH is a 28 year Harlem-bred musician, storyteller and community servant, illustrating the harsh realities and triumphs of his black and brown culture. Initially a producer and instrumentalist, donSMITH began to focus on the lyrical aspect of music in 2018. He has released a debut EP and has performed all across New York City staple venues such as Bowery Electric, The Knitting Factory National Sawdust & more. donSMITH strives to create art that reflects the beauty birthed among struggle, faith in God, and cultural evaporation. Raw and soulful storytelling are the backbone of his message, aiming to breed hope and fellowship among listeners. In a few words, his art is rooted in community and the many forms it is established.