Emily grew up in a Trinidadian and Haitian household, and developed a culture that she understood throughout her life living in Queens, New York. Realizing the variations in his life and the variations of materiality within her practice, Emily hopes to bring them together and create a world. Painting the people around her highlighted the real moments and scenes in her life overtime.

A Charlotte native, Mavi’s essence embodies a vividly curious soul. His music serves as an extension of his mind, almost as if it is out of necessity. Mavi’s art stems from an acute, yet relaxed and appreciative awareness of the culture around him, spanning Charlotte’s long roads to the bustling dorms of Howard University. His songs emerge from seemingly impalpable, yet sensory concepts, by which his sentiments manifest and are deeply felt in every syllable and melody. Emotion rests in the intangible mind that exists in the most present. Mavi’s strength is the ability to hone in on that location, touching listeners in a way few can. He treats every song like an exercise in discovering and expressing the medium between his most current existential thoughts and an approach to rap as a sport in which he is his most challenging opponent. Where many rappers tread heavy-footed, Mavi floats like a butterfly.